Customize Your Machine

Split-Fire prides itself on offering a wide variety of custom options on our entire line of 2-way Log Splitters & Wood Chippers. In providing these options it ensures the customer can design a machine that meets the exact needs for the job.

Extended Stroke (30”, 36” & 48”)

30”, 36” & 48” extended stroke. Available for all 4000 series wood splitters. This is not a bolt on option. All frames are extended to compensate for the added stroke length. Many different applications for extended stoke log splitters.

*Only available with Highway Towable Package

3” Knife Extension

Machined 3” extension added to the splitting knife. This option makes splitting stringy or larger rounds easier. The 3” Knife Extension can be added to any existing knife.

*Not available for 4-way machines (3400, 4400).

Hydraulic Log Lifter

Hydraulic steel flat plate log lifter, operated by a dedicated valve handle. Capable of lifting up to 500lbs – 600lbs*. Available on all 3 point hitch, self-contained and upright skid steer log splitter models. The log lifter can also be used as a work table when left in the flipped-up position.

*Not available for Inverted Skidsteer models (4208, 4408)


Split-Fire’s 3-Point Hitch Bolt-on PTO kit comes with single stage 11.4 GPM PTO pump, bolt on hydraulic reservoir, hoses, and all mounting hardware. The PTO kit is ideal for compact tractors that do not have adequate hydraulic flow (GPM) and pressure (PSI) or tractors that have no rear hydraulics.

*Available for 3000 series 3 point hitch models.

Turf Tow Package

Self Contained Log Splitters fitted with turf tires. Capable of being towed behind a tractor or ATV at low speeds.

16″ Hitch Extension with 4″ Drop

24” Nose Extension

Tongue extension is recommended with models that have a hydraulic log lifter. The nose extension can also be useful when towing with off-road vehicles or lawn tractors.

3 Point Hitch Leg Kit

Folding leg kit can be fitted to 3-point hitch log splitters, for convenient use and storage on or off the tractor.

4” Lift 12” Tire

Lift comes standard with 12” tires, extended stand, raises log splitter bed height from 24”-25” to 28” to 29” depending on the model. Recommended for customers over 6ft tall and can make for a more comfortable working height.

*Only available with Highway Towable Package.

4” Log Lifter Extension

Extra plates added to log lifter on models with 4” lift to match the height of the log splitter.

8” Lift 13” Tire

Lift comes standard with 13” tires, extended stand, raises log splitter bed height from 24”-25” to 32”-33” depending on the model. Recommended for customers over 6ft tall and can make for a more comfortable working height.

*Only available with Highway Towable Package.

8” Log Lifter Extension

Extra plates added to log lifter on models with 8” lift to match the height of the log splitter.

Adjustable Drawbar

3 different adjustment heights. Can be used on 24” nose extension.

Big Wheel Kit (12” Tire Regular Bed Height)

12” tire is recommended for long distance towing and makes for easier maneuverability.

*Only available with Highway Towable Package.

Bolt-On Excavator Grapple Hooks

Excavator Bolt on grapple hooks that can be utilized on either side of the log splitter frame. Hooks work with hydraulic thumb to position logs.

*Grapple Hook is not available for Center Mount Standard & 30″ Stroke options.

Closed Center 3 Point Log Lifter Valve

The power beyond valve is only needed when 3 point hitch log splitters with a log lifter are being used on a closed center hydraulic system.

Excavator Mounting Plate – Center Mount

Excavator mounting plate centered on the middle of the log splitter.

Excavator Mounting Plate – Off-Center Mount

Log Splitter Excavator Mounting Plate off-centered outside of the splitting zone.

Heavy Duty Rubber Ride Suspension

Torsion axles rated for 1400 lbs. Recommended for off-road, heavily potted roads & highway towing.

*Only available with Highway Towable Package.

Log Table

Increase productivity with the Log Table add on. This enlarges the work area and enables the operator to split large logs with ease and eliminates the need to pick up fallen wood. (Log Table 24” x 15”)

Pintle Hitch

Comes in handy when towing the log splitter behind a chipper truck or heavy-duty vehicles.

Swivel Jack

Rated at 800 lbs, the factory installed swivel makes it easier to move heaver models around by hand. Jack can be mounted to the side of the frame or on 24” nose extension.

8″ Caster Wheel

The 360 Degree Swivel Caster is great for moving the wood chipper around a small property, driveway, or shop without the need to tow it. The Castor Wheel option is most effective of harder surfaces.

Chute Kit

A must have option for increasing the height of chip discharge. A full metal construction, with the ability to attach or remove easily with two quick latches. Great for making larger chip piles, blowing chips into a truck, trailer, or wheelbarrow. With the addition of a rear hitch, a utility trailer can be towed and the chip blow directly into the trailer. More versatile than the hose kit. 

Engine Guard

The engine guard is built to protect the engine from debris when towing or during operation. Conveniently housing the emergency stop and overbuilt using 1/4” and 3/16” plate, this option is a must have.

Heavy Duty Tire / 4-Bolt Hub

The heavy-duty tire / 4 – bolt hub option is designed for frequent and longer travels and is rated for highways speeds. The 4-bolt hub is commercial rated and allows for an easy tire changes when needed.

Hose Kit

Designed specifically for use in conjunction with the rear hitch option, chips can be blow directly into a utility trailer with no loss of leaves and small debris. Can be removed and attached easily with two quick latches and uses a 6” flexible hose to facilitate turning. The 6” flexible hose is a wear item.

Lights & Fenders

Heavy gauge fenders are great for preventing debris and dirt kicking up off the tires during travels. Mounted via two 1/2” bolts with a tight fit around the tire, they are effective and look great.

Lights housed in 3/16” light buckets that look great, will take the abuse, and comply with road safety standards. The lights can only be mounted on the fenders, so the fender option is needed when utilizing the lights option.

Rear Hitch

A perfect option for towing a utility trailer behind the chipper. Made with 1/2” plate, with a tongue capacity of 200 lbs. Take your tools with you, or with the addition of a chute kit or a hose kit, the chips can be blow right into the utility trailer making cleanup fast and easy.

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