For general maintenance refer to Equipment Owner’s Manual. For service inquires and locations contact Split-Fire at (519) 468-3647 or [email protected] or contact your point of purchase dealer.


Split-Fire Sales Inc. guarantees the original purchaser of any new Split-Fire machine, that the same is free of defects in workmanship or materials that may cause performance failure, subject to the conditions hereafter. Split-Fire must be contacted before the problem on the machine has been fixed. Split-Fire will diagnose the problem and authorize any warranty work that will be allowed. If Split-Fire does not authorize or parts are not sent from Split-Fire Warranty will not be applicable. This guarantee is limited to a period of one year from the date of purchase. Replacement of any defective part is free of charge FOB Split-Fire sales Inc. If Split-Fire requires the parts to be returned to Split-Fire, Split-Fire will pay for that shipping. This guarantee does not apply to engines or other parts that are manufactured and guaranteed by the manufacture thereof, nor does this apply with respect to any part or product that:
  1. Has original parts removed or otherwise altered without specific authorization beforehand from Split-Fire Sales Inc.
  2. Has had placed upon or attached to it any part or product not sold or approved by Split-Fire Sales Inc.
  3. Has been damaged or is not used in conformity with the applicable instruction for the machine.
  4. Has not been properly adjusted or maintained by the owner.

The Split-Fire Advantage

Innovative 2-way split design boosts productivity while remaining the safest log splitter on the market.

Canadian made log-splitters
Split-Fire is dedicated to quality at a fair price.

All Split-Fire products are proudly manufactured in Canada. Whether for residential, professional, commercial, or industrial use, Split-Fire products provide efficiency and safe operation.