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  1. Niel Marshall

    Thanks to Split-Fire for your quality product and service. Let’s make splitting firewood fun again 😉 This thing is simple, high quality and robust. Your pride in workmanship shows!

    John Deere 325G

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    Image #1 from Niel Marshall
    Image #2 from Niel Marshall
  2. Jason Milks

    Thanks for all the assistance.  We got everything hooked up and working this morning. Spent about 30 minutes splitting 6 logs and only had one problem.  Had the 4-way head on and the log was too knotty and wavy. Put the 2-way head on and it split through like butter.
    Attached are pictures of the log that originally gave us problems.  No problems now.

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    Image #1 from Jason Milks
    Image #2 from Jason Milks
    Image #3 from Jason Milks
    Image #4 from Jason Milks
  3. Keith Orr

    Hey Kyle. Here are some pictures. I am getting wood for outdoor wood stove, 3’ to 4’ lengths to feed the boiler.

    Kubota B2920

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    Image #1 from Keith Orr
    Image #2 from Keith Orr
    Image #3 from Keith Orr
  4. Rick H

    Works great! No lack of power. Lift works awesome!!

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    Image #1 from Rick H
    Image #2 from Rick H
  5. Donald Hunt

    I just installed my 48-inch Split-Fire CarryAll on my Kubota B2601. I have attached a couple of pictures, one showing if after dumping a full load of firewood down the chute to my furnace room. I am very happy with this unit. It is super well built, the welds are amazing. It is designed and well built piece of equipment that will last me a lifetime. I was especially pleased to find the grease nipples on the swivel pins underneath the unit. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your product. Sincerely, Don.

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    Image #1 from Donald Hunt
    Image #2 from Donald Hunt
    Image #3 from Donald Hunt
  6. Mat Resell

    Well she admits it was hard seeing the new wood splitter move into our farm. You see Dorothee has been splitting all of our firewood for the last many years and me being 74 and slowing down with the farming thought it was a nice gesture to see if this new addition would help her. I know she says she is still 39 but I thought at least one of us was getting too old to chop all the wood for the winter months. Yes she complained that in the time the splitter moved back and forth she could have split 5 logs by hand. Emotionally it was hard for her but gradually she softened to the idea of letting the log splitter do at least some of the splitting. And it did not take long for her to be splitting most of the logs with that machine. I think the thing that pleased her most was the simplicity of operating it.

    As for me I’ll just keep farming with my draft horses knowing that I look forward to a warm fire  and a hot shower at the end of the day.


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    Image #1 from Mat Resell
    Image #2 from Mat Resell
  7. Dean Neff

    Good morning. Just wanted to let you know that I received the splitter on Thursday and it arrived in great shape. I assembled it last night and gave it a little run on the back of the RK 37 and it is very impressive. Most folks wouldn’t be impressed by a wood splitter but this one is so much better than any I’ve ran to date. Today it’s gonna get a good run. Thanks for such a great product. 

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    Image #1 from Dean Neff
    Image #2 from Dean Neff
  8. Perry Salyer

    Splitting with the 4490 makes it easy! Thought I would send a few pictures. We had a great weekend splitting wood. Thanks Kyle.

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    Image #1 from Perry Salyer
    Image #2 from Perry Salyer
  9. Rollie Holoubek

    Kyle and Myla, Thanks so much for working with me to buy my first log splitter. I did tons of research and watched so many videos to figure out that the Split-Fire unit was the one I wanted. It finally arrived today and put it to work before it started to get dark. Pretty simple to understand how everything works. The engine started on the first pull. I love it. Here are a few photos, Thanks again!

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    Image #1 from Rollie Holoubek
    Image #2 from Rollie Holoubek
    Image #3 from Rollie Holoubek
  10. Rob Hoffman

    Goodmorning, Have put at least 15 hrs on the 3203 and it works mint !!!! A very high quality product guys !!! Thanks again … Rob Hoffman.

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    Image #1 from Rob Hoffman
    Image #2 from Rob Hoffman
    Image #3 from Rob Hoffman

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