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  1. Jeff Leslie – Port Sydney, ON

    Received log splitter and all is good!

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    Image #1 from Jeff Leslie - Port Sydney, ON
  2. Richard Hamlin – Plevna, ON

    I have been using my Splitfire 3455 wood splitter to split wood for my home in Plevna for 12years. Never had a mechanical problem with it. Splits wood faster than my wife can pile it. Made in Canada eh!

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    Image #1 from Richard Hamlin - Plevna, ON
    Image #2 from Richard Hamlin - Plevna, ON
  3. Joe Green – Hazlehurst, MS

    I received my splitter and LOVE IT. I split a little wood yesterday and can tell it is going to be a big time saver. Thank you both with your help ordering and shipping it.

  4. Doran Hubley – Haliburton, ON

    My old Split-Fire has been a great machine!

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    Image #1 from Doran Hubley - Haliburton, ON
  5. Tim Burgess -Trent Lakes, ON

    Last June (2020) our son surprised us for our 25th wedding anniversary with a brand new Split-Fire log splitter and a truckload of maple logs!! He even did all the splitting. Later in the summer I got the chance to split other firewood from our property and was very impressed with your equipment. I personally like the fact that it splits going both directions. The log splitter is easy to use and move around. Thanks for building a rugged, reliable piece of equipment.

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    Image #1 from Tim Burgess -Trent Lakes, ON
    Image #2 from Tim Burgess -Trent Lakes, ON
    Image #3 from Tim Burgess -Trent Lakes, ON
    Image #4 from Tim Burgess -Trent Lakes, ON
    Image #5 from Tim Burgess -Trent Lakes, ON
  6. Rob Ryan – Durham, ME

    I’ve split hundreds of cords of wood with the machine over the last 15 years. Very reliable and excellent design. It’s a joy to use, one of the best equipment purchases I’ve ever made.

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    Image #1 from Rob Ryan - Durham, ME
  7. Db Trail Blazers – Priceville, ON

    Ooh we are excited to add this beauty of a beast to our tool team. The Split-Fire 4090 is a super trail worthy woodchipper we have been eying up for a while now. Everything is quality and built to work. @split_fire_sales top notch design all around.

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    Image #1 from Db Trail Blazers - Priceville, ON
  8. Jim Greenfield – Hamilton, MT

    The machine is a beast, and I enjoy the way it performs without effort. The design and quality are impressive and I look forward to making more child’s play out of work that used to be drudgery. I have more people lined up that want my chips than I can keep up with! 

  9. Al Hatt – Ilderton, ON

    The optional 3 inch knife extension worked great on the larger blocks. But the best option was the lift table, no lifting heavy blocks. This is a heavy duty wood splitter for sure.

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    Image #1 from Al Hatt - Ilderton, ON
  10. Maria Liu – Windsor, ON

    Love love love the new splitter!

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    Image #1 from Maria Liu - Windsor, ON

The Split-Fire Advantage

Innovative 2-way split design boosts productivity while remaining the safest log splitter on the market.

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