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  1. Kevin Kangas

    Finally got my kubota tractor in and unpackaged the splitter. It works great.

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    Image #1 from Kevin Kangas
  2. Chuck McQuade

    My order went through dad’s 4 by tool and supply in Vermont. It is a 36 inch 3203 with log lift with a 4″ extension. By the way your sales staff is awesome. Kioti CK3510SE

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    Image #1 from Chuck McQuade
    Image #2 from Chuck McQuade
  3. Shane Ferguson

    Very happy with our new splitter on our Kubota u35-4 makes light work out of big ugly maple logs.
    Shane Ferguson

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    Image #1 from Shane Ferguson
    Image #2 from Shane Ferguson
  4. Claude Sheldon – Coventry Rhode Island

    Hi Kyle and team. Very happy with my splitter on my kubota 121
    excavator. Great job engineering it. Take care, – Claude Sheldon

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    Image #1 from Claude Sheldon - Coventry Rhode Island
    Image #2 from Claude Sheldon - Coventry Rhode Island
    Image #3 from Claude Sheldon - Coventry Rhode Island
  5. David Lobley

    David with his new 3265 attached to a Honda Foreman ES

    A few months ago I helped a friend cut and split some very large oak rounds. He rented a Split-Fire for the day. I was very impressed with this splitter, in particular its two-way splitting action and powerful log lifter which doubles as a great working table.

    I ended up doing some detailed research and a few weeks later bought my own 3265. It has operated flawlessly since I got it and I couldn’t be more pleased. It is far more efficient, faster, and safer than most other splitters on the market.

    It is also very quiet with the Honda engine, which is important to me since I do my splitting in a residential neighborhood and I want to be considerate of my neighbors. If you split between 10 to 50+ full cords a year, l highly recommend this splitter!

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    Image #1 from David Lobley
  6. Grant Sime – New Zealand

    I came across Split-Fire in 2016 when I hired a log splitter for the day. It was a Split fire 3265 and was the best log splitter I had ever used. The quality, efficient operating and performance really impressed me. I continued to hire this machine each year and finally decided to purchase one this year a 2265 due to quick cycle time, deck height and quality of product. Split-fire quality and workmanship finish is superior and will stand the test of time. The design is outstanding for strengthen, ease and speed of operation. I would highly recommend purchase of Split-fire products.

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    Image #1 from Grant Sime -  New Zealand
  7. Chris Stevens – Clinton, WI

    Here is our new 4203 on a 1978 IH 86 Hydro. It runs as a great combo, and I love the flexibility of the 3pt.

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    Image #1 from Chris Stevens - Clinton, WI
    Image #2 from Chris Stevens - Clinton, WI
    Image #3 from Chris Stevens - Clinton, WI
  8. Elmer

    Elmer seen with his Split-Fire and John Deere

    I got it put together back in Dec. and it works great . Thanks for the support in getting figured out.  Elmer

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    Image #1 from Elmer
    Image #2 from Elmer
  9. Terry Scheel – Pakenham ON

    What a machine! It has made the job so much easier and is certainly “less tiring”. The quality is obvious with the Honda engine and splitting capability. This has been my 3rd. firewood season year using this splitter. It actually makes me look forward to getting out there and doing some splitting. 

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    Image #1 from Terry Scheel - Pakenham ON
  10. Wayne Krangle – Haliburton, Ontario

    Wayne with his 3203 on his Kubota Tractor

    Just received my 3203.  It arrived earlier than expected too! The 4” extended log lifter was exactly what I needed. No more bending over all day hurting my back. Here are pics of a huge red oak 2 feet in diameter that the 3203 made into easy work. This splitter didn’t even grunt lifting and splitting this chunk.

    Kyle, thanks again for all your help and attention to meeting my needs.

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    Image #1 from Wayne Krangle - Haliburton, Ontario
    Image #2 from Wayne Krangle - Haliburton, Ontario
    Image #3 from Wayne Krangle - Haliburton, Ontario

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