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  1. Chris Stevens – Clinton, WI

    Here is our new 4203 on a 1978 IH 86 Hydro. It runs as a great combo, and I love the flexibility of the 3pt.

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    Image #1 from Chris Stevens - Clinton, WI
    Image #2 from Chris Stevens - Clinton, WI
    Image #3 from Chris Stevens - Clinton, WI
  2. Elmer

    I got it put together back in Dec. and it works great . Thanks for the support in getting figured out.  Elmer

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    Image #1 from Elmer
    Image #2 from Elmer
  3. Terry Scheel – Pakenham ON

    What a machine! It has made the job so much easier and is certainly “less tiring”. The quality is obvious with the Honda engine and splitting capability. This has been my 3rd. firewood season year using this splitter. It actually makes me look forward to getting out there and doing some splitting. 

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    Image #1 from Terry Scheel - Pakenham ON
  4. Wayne Krangle – Haliburton, Ontario

    Just received my 3203.  It arrived earlier than expected too! The 4” extended log lifter was exactly what I needed. No more bending over all day hurting my back. Here are pics of a huge red oak 2 feet in diameter that the 3203 made into easy work. This splitter didn’t even grunt lifting and splitting this chunk.

    Kyle, thanks again for all your help and attention to meeting my needs.

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    Image #1 from Wayne Krangle - Haliburton, Ontario
    Image #2 from Wayne Krangle - Haliburton, Ontario
    Image #3 from Wayne Krangle - Haliburton, Ontario
  5. Brian Hatch – Idaho

    Split-fire 4403 on a Massey Ferguson 4603

    Thank you for your quick response to making my new splitter 100%. It is refreshing these days to know there is still a business with folks of integrety. The splitter has met expectations many times over.
    Again, thank you!

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    Image #1 from Brian Hatch – Idaho
  6. Peter Bennett – Minden, Ontario

    I was talking to a gentleman in parts last week who very kindly sent me a replacement hydraulic cap for my Splitfire 255, unfortunately I have forgotten the name of said person. The cap arrived yesterday and as promised I have attached some photos of my splitter some of which I hope will be useful. From the date written on the serial number plate it seems I have owned it for at least 18 years. I acquired it as a gently used rental unit . In that time it has never let me down and has given perfect service with little maintenance other than periodic oil changes. It has only struggled once, and that was with a particularly miserable chunk of elm, but it prevailed! Maple, oak, beech or birch is a breeze!
    The only part I have had to replace is the hydraulic filler cap but that was my fault, I clipped it with the bucket of my tractor.
    All in all this is an amazing machine which has saved me an enormous amount of work and body pain! I have used one other make, an older model which we have at our camp, which only cuts one way. That really makes me appreciate the two way cut of the Splitfire with regard to both speed and convenience.

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    Image #1 from Peter Bennett - Minden, Ontario
    Image #2 from Peter Bennett - Minden, Ontario
  7. Luc Chénier – Prévost, PQ

    Today was the second time I used the Splitfire chipper 4090. I already started feeling familiar with its usage. This machine could chew faster than I could feed it and meet all my expectations. I am glad that I made this choice. Your support, services and shipping were top quality. Thanks to all your team at Splitfire.

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    Image #1 from Luc Chénier - Prévost, PQ
  8. Scott Cross – Alaska,USA

    4090 Wood Chipper being transported by a Sealegs boat.

    She’s a beast. I call her Marge, Fargo is one of my favourite movies

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    Image #1 from Scott Cross - Alaska,USA
    Image #2 from Scott Cross - Alaska,USA
    Image #3 from Scott Cross - Alaska,USA
  9. Jeffrey Davis – Conneticut, US

    I’m very pleased with my split fire 4403. My Tractors hydraulics are rated for 17.8 GPM , yet I’m running my tractor at only about 1600 rpm and it is plenty fast. I’ve not found anything that it even has trouble splitting, and I’ve split some pretty knotty large logs. The build quality is excellent-I see no potential problem areas, and expect this splitter to last forever.

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    Image #1 from Jeffrey Davis - Conneticut, US
  10. Joe Green – Hazlehurst, MS

    3403 on a Massey Ferguson 2615

    I made it home and have used the 3403 splitfire splitter I purchased. It is wonderful!! I so enjoyable to use it. I can split so much wood and not be physical tired, I am amazed. I usual would split my wood by hand with a single stroke splitter sitting by the pile. I could out split those style splitters easily. But I would have a hard time doing that with the splitfire. The log lifter is so useful, I am amazed at it. After I split 5 to 6 trees I am not tired at all and have a pile of wood. I would and have been recommending this splitter to everyone.

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    Image #1 from Joe Green - Hazlehurst, MS
    Image #2 from Joe Green - Hazlehurst, MS
    Image #3 from Joe Green - Hazlehurst, MS

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