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  1. Made it up a slippery hill

    – Harry Mack

    Case International 895

    Image #1 from Harry Mack
  2. As promised here is a picture of my SS234 (old 3403) spitfire log splitter purchased in 1999 from Bert.
    I paid $1300.00 freight paid. I have had no issues with this product. It has split a lot of wood in its day.

    The new 3403 I just purchased looks to be very well built also. I has been a pleasure dealing with your company.

    -Paul Perigord

    Image #1 from Paul Perigord
    Image #2 from Paul Perigord
  3. I bought the 3265 at the Paul Bunyan Show and it has been super exceeding my expectations!

    -John Romig

    Image #1 from John Romig
    Image #2 from John Romig
  4. Hello, I love the Split-fire carryall that was delivered in March 2023. It is very well constructed with a tool holder and tailgate. I have used this carryall for a variety of lawn and garden tasks including: mulching, moving brush, transporting five gallon buckets of liquid fertilizer, carrying boxes of tubers, moving straw, garden supplies and firewood. The tail-gate in conjunction with the dump function made harvesting and washing potatoes and sweet potatoes much easier. Thank you for constructing this durable and uniquely useful implement.


    Image #1 from Randy Winchester
    Image #2 from Randy Winchester
    Image #3 from Randy Winchester
    Image #4 from Randy Winchester
    Image #5 from Randy Winchester
    Image #6 from Randy Winchester
  5. Hello! I just want to tell you guys how great the chipper works! I am super happy, and I’m surprised at how well made this thing is. Thank you for a great product and your great service and follow up. -Ron
    Split-Fire 4003

    Image #1 from Ron Letcher
    Image #2 from Ron Letcher
    Image #3 from Ron Letcher
  6. This is to everyone at Split-Fire who helped customize my splitter. I got the hitch modified as discussed to fit a ball for my quad. I think it looks pretty skookum! Thanks for everything…it has been a pleasure dealing with everyone at Split-Fire. I’ve appreciated your time and considerations. I thought I would send you a couple pics.


    Image #1 from Example Customer
    Image #2 from Example Customer
  7. Hi,
    I picked up the hydraulic unit yesterday and put it on the tractor front end loader last night with the Baumalight P40 power pack. It supplies between 20 to 25 gpm. Works really well. Cycle time is awesome and log lifter is really good back saver. So far so good. I enclosed a couple of images to see the set up.

    Todd Cressman



    Image #1 from Todd Cressman
    Image #2 from Todd Cressman
  8. The pictures above are from a Split-Fire 255 that my neighbour owns in Canada. I have been splitting wood on this machine since he purchased it in 2002. In that time, it has split well over a thousand cords of wood. The wood was used to heat 3 homes for the last 21 years. In that time, I don’t think it has ever not started or needed repair.
    During covid my neighbour passed away he was ill and died while the border was closed. The machine sat for 2 years unused. When we were allowed back into the country, I borrowed it and it started on the very first pull. Last fall I split 5 or 6 cords on his machine with no issue pictures above. While at home in the states I was slitting wood for my home with my splitter (not a Split-Fire). I must say it was painfully slow at that time I decided sell my splitter and purchase one of my own Split-Fire machines which I am hoping to take possession of next week. I can’t tell you how happy I was with my neighbour’s machine; I look forward to working with my new machine.
    Thank You,
    Louren Reddick

    Image #1 from Louren Reddick
    Image #2 from Louren Reddick
    Image #3 from Louren Reddick
    Image #4 from Louren Reddick
  9.   I’m very impressed with the 3403 log splitter. I have it hooked up to the three point hitch and everything works great. 
My first tree was a huge gnarly poplar. The hydraulic lift table brought the hundred pound block up like it was made of styrofoam. 
I considered raising the tractor RPM up to maximum to see if the log splitter might actually work on this block. I adjusted the block properly and made sure I was on the right control lever, but then I forgot to raise the rpm on the tractor. 
I pulled on the lever and the blade cut through that nasty block like it was butter. The tractor RPM was on minimum.  Awesome!
 The double edged blade for splitting in both directions can go through a lot of wood in a short time. I also have the “ t” blade for the smaller stuff which works great.
 More importantly, the safety markers are well-placed and easy to read. 
It’s the best piece of equipment that I own, very well engineered.


    Kubota m4-071

    Image #1 from Gord Gleason
    Image #2 from Gord Gleason
  10. Thanks to Split-Fire for your quality product and service. Let’s make splitting firewood fun again 😉 This thing is simple, high quality and robust. Your pride in workmanship shows!

    John Deere 325G

    Image #1 from Niel Marshall
    Image #2 from Niel Marshall

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