• 4490

4490 log splitter winter
32 Ton Rated
32 Ton Rated
2-Way Split
2-Way Split
Safe & Efficient Log Stop Design
Safe & Efficient Log Stop Design
Log Lifter Compatible
Log Lifter Compatible
11-13 Second Cycle Time
11-13 Second Cycle Time
Interchangeable 4-Way Wedge
Interchangeable 4-Way Wedge

Log Splitter 4490

The 4490 is Split-Fire’s largest and most powerful hydraulic wood splitter that has been proven decade-after-decade in commercial and industrial use. The 4490 can handle just about any size log. Utilize its interchangeable 2-Way knife for stringy knotty logs and 4-Way wedge for straighter grain logs. The 4490 has a longer fully reinforced frame, larger log stops, and heavy duty 4-way slider compared to the 4290 log splitter. With 32 tons of splitting force and a 2-way splitting action, the 4490 is a pure production machine.

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  • Frame
    7” x 7” steel tube
  • Tonnage
    32 tons splitting force
  • Cycle Speed
    11-13 seconds
  • Power Source
    Honda GX 270 series
  • Pump
    16 GPM low pressure | 4 GPM high pressure
  • Reservoir
    25 L
  • Stroke Length
  • Bed Width
  • Standard Hitch Size
    2" ball coupler
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Length
  • Overall Height
  • Weight
    740 lbs
  • Bed Height
  • Knife Height
    12” / 2-way | 12” / 4-way
  • Cylinder Size
    4.5” x 24”
  • Tire Size
    4.80” x 8”
  1. Kevin Kangas

    Finally got my kubota tractor in and unpackaged the splitter. It works great.

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    Image #1 from Kevin Kangas
  2. David Lobley

    David with his new 3265 attached to a Honda Foreman ES

    A few months ago I helped a friend cut and split some very large oak rounds. He rented a Split-Fire for the day. I was very impressed with this splitter, in particular its two-way splitting action and powerful log lifter which doubles as a great working table.

    I ended up doing some detailed research and a few weeks later bought my own 3265. It has operated flawlessly since I got it and I couldn’t be more pleased. It is far more efficient, faster, and safer than most other splitters on the market.

    It is also very quiet with the Honda engine, which is important to me since I do my splitting in a residential neighborhood and I want to be considerate of my neighbors. If you split between 10 to 50+ full cords a year, l highly recommend this splitter!

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    Image #1 from David Lobley
  3. Terry Scheel – Pakenham ON

    What a machine! It has made the job so much easier and is certainly “less tiring”. The quality is obvious with the Honda engine and splitting capability. This has been my 3rd. firewood season year using this splitter. It actually makes me look forward to getting out there and doing some splitting. 

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    Image #1 from Terry Scheel - Pakenham ON
  4. Peter Bennett – Minden, Ontario

    I was talking to a gentleman in parts last week who very kindly sent me a replacement hydraulic cap for my Splitfire 255, unfortunately I have forgotten the name of said person. The cap arrived yesterday and as promised I have attached some photos of my splitter some of which I hope will be useful. From the date written on the serial number plate it seems I have owned it for at least 18 years. I acquired it as a gently used rental unit . In that time it has never let me down and has given perfect service with little maintenance other than periodic oil changes. It has only struggled once, and that was with a particularly miserable chunk of elm, but it prevailed! Maple, oak, beech or birch is a breeze!
    The only part I have had to replace is the hydraulic filler cap but that was my fault, I clipped it with the bucket of my tractor.
    All in all this is an amazing machine which has saved me an enormous amount of work and body pain! I have used one other make, an older model which we have at our camp, which only cuts one way. That really makes me appreciate the two way cut of the Splitfire with regard to both speed and convenience.

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    Image #1 from Peter Bennett - Minden, Ontario
    Image #2 from Peter Bennett - Minden, Ontario
  5. Doran Hubley – Haliburton, ON

    My old Split-Fire has been a great machine!

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    Image #1 from Doran Hubley - Haliburton, ON
  6. Rob Ryan – Durham, ME

    I’ve split hundreds of cords of wood with the machine over the last 15 years. Very reliable and excellent design. It’s a joy to use, one of the best equipment purchases I’ve ever made.

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    Image #1 from Rob Ryan - Durham, ME
  7. Don Metz – Kirkville, NY

    This machine is awesome, I use it all the time and everyone who sees it wants to buy it, my answer is you can’t afford it. Keep up the good work!

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    Image #1 from Don Metz - Kirkville, NY
    Image #2 from Don Metz - Kirkville, NY
  8. Bill Dawson – Bolton, ON

    Very pleased with my Split-Fire firewood splitter purchase to date. There was a small hiccup within the first couple hours of use but the team at Split-Fire had that sorted in short time. Since then I have run a decent amount of wood through it and it has performed flawlessly. Thanks again for great service and product!

  • Extended Stroke (30”, 36” & 48”)

  • Log Table

  • Hydraulic Log Lifter

  • Big Wheel Kit 12” Tire (Standard 24” Bed Height)

  • 4” Lift 12” Tire (28” Bed Height)

  • 8” Lift 13” Tire (32” Bed Height)

  • 4” Log Lifter Extension

  • 8” Log Lifter Extension

  • 24” Nose Extension

  • 4″ Drop Hitch

  • 8″ Drop Hitch

  • Swivel Jack

  • Fenders

  • Heavy Duty Rubber Ride Suspension


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    • 619 $
    • 738 $
    • 1296 $


    Select Stroke Length to Unlock Options

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    • 218 $
    • 829 $
    • 945 $
    • 1042 $


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    • 138 $
    • 178 $
    • 378 $


    Select 4″ or 8″ Lift to Unlock Options

    • 76 $
    • 179 $


    • 80 $
    • 99 $
    • 112 $
    • 198 $
    • 460 $
    • 468 $
    • 624 $

32 Ton Rated
32 Ton Rated
2-Way Split
2-Way Split
Safe & Efficient Log Stop Design
Safe & Efficient Log Stop Design
Log Lifter Compatible
Log Lifter Compatible
11-13 Second Cycle Time
11-13 Second Cycle Time
Interchangeable 4-Way Wedge
Interchangeable 4-Way Wedge