"This is the best splitter I have ever seen or used. Delivery was faster than Amazon."  

Richard Evans

Smithers BC

"We have had 2 of these units in our rental fleet now for over 10 years with next to no problems.”

Dan Lutz – Manager

“Split-Fire won my business for the following reasons: purchasing a Split-Fire wood splitter is a substantial investment; however, when longevity, reliability, efficiency, fuel cost, maintenance, and operator comfort/ fatigue are considered, Split-Fire brings value to your dollars.”

Jim Scott

Townsend, MT, US

“The machine works great and is the envy of everyone I know with a standard splitter.”

Robert Nibbe

"We have purchased three 3255 log splitters. Being able to split on both strokes is a great selling feature because it’s easy to tell people that production is doubled. The Split-Fire is a great revenue builder for our business - people keep coming back for the red log splitters!”

Brian Grant – Grant’s Rental

Bridgewater, MA, US


2 way split 2-Way Splitting Action

Split-Fire is the original manufacturer of the 2-way split design. Conventional 1-way log splitters typically utilize a push plate fitted to the end of a hydraulics cylinder. In this case, the push plate will split a log around a knife fitted to the end of the beam, causing the plate to then need to cycle back to the start position. Split-Fire’s 2-way design has the hydraulic cylinder fitted inside a steel frame with the knife protruding up between 2 “V” shaped log stops. This design ensures the knife is always in the splitting position, removing the time wasted during the return cycle.

Parts & Service

safety "V" Shaped Log Stop

Split-Fire utilizes their revolutionary “V” shaped log stop design. This design promotes increased safety and maximizes a machines tonnage force during the splitting action. With the conventional flat plate design the 20-30 tons of splitting force is being pushed through the log onto the flat plate, causing the log to not want to split efficiently.

Split-Fire’s “V” shaped design has the knife focusing the tonnage onto the center of the log causing it to effortlessly split around the stop and preventing dangerous flyouts.

The “V” shaped design also reduces the hazard associated with the surface area of the push plate. A standard 6” x 6” push plate has 36” of surface area which is protentional space the operator could be caught and injured in. The “V” shaped stop only has 6” of surface area (6” tall x 1” wide). This design reduces the hazardous area by 600%.

V Lop Stop

heavy duty Quality Built Design

Split-Fire log splitters have been designed and engineered over the past 35 years to provide the best 2-way log splitter on the market. Every Split-fire design importantly utilizes UHMW sliders that reduce friction and don’t allow steel on steel wear. Every wood splitter and hydraulic cylinder are built in-house using only high-quality North American steel and components. Through this Split-Fire has earned a reputation as a low maintenance, long last machine that will last a lifetime.

About Us

low friction Custom Options

Split-Fire prides itself on offering a wide range of custom options, allowing the operator the ability to design a splitter that will match their exact splitting requirements. Available custom options included extended stroke lengths, engine upgrades, knife extensions, hydraulic log lifters, raised bed high and oversized tires.

In choosing a Split-Fire log splitter or wood chipper, you are choosing quality. That quality does come at a cost, but that cost is outweighed by the increased satisfaction and return on investment (ROI) through the productivity and lifespan of the machine.

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