3 Point Carry All 48″ 3 Point Hitch Carry All

48" 3 Point Hitch Carry All

The SPLIT-FIRE® 3 Point Hitch Carry All at 48″ width is one the most adaptable 3-point hitch attachments you can buy that’s a 3 Point Carry All and 3 Point hitch dump bucket all in one – and a tow all too when you specify the optional bucket auxiliary hitch.

The rear hitch option allows you to move your equipment in one-trip to where the work is. Whether that’s in the forest or the field, the bucket helps you make the most of your work, and time! Split your firewood and throw and pile it right into the bucket, or chip your tree branches and blow the chips right into the bucket saving you time and effort! Additionally, you can take your tools or supplies with you in the optional bolt-on upright tool holder. The optional tool holder provides a spot for you to carry not only your rake or shovel, but steel poles or rods and other tools too, instead of just throwing them loosely into the bucket where they can fall out.

Made of heavy-duty 10 Gauge or 5/16″ Steel, the SPLIT-FIRE® 3 Point Hitch Carry All is the ideal addition to your sub-compact or small tractor – it not only increases the carrying capacity of your tractor, but also expands its capabilities – and especially when you configure our various options, including the 48″ Removable Tailgate (that doubles as a table), Carry All Auxiliary Hitch, and Upright Tool Holders. The 48″ 3 Point Hitch Carry All weighs in at 320 Ibs (145kg) with a volume capacity of 16 cubic feet (153L), and a maximum weight capacity of 600Ibs (272kg).

“…SPLIT-FIRE® 3 Point Hitch Carry All is Designed for Rural Property Owners, Hobby Farmers, Landscapers, Greenskeepers and Contractors Alike For A Great Variety of Purposes! The carry all is super versatile and can be used not only for carrying and dumping materials, it can also scrape and flatten out gravel or dirt for example since it can be lowered right level with the ground (making it easy to sweep or rake into as well).”

All SPLIT-FIRE® 3 Point Hitch Carry All products are Quick Hitch Ready and feature a center pivot dumping mechanism. For more detailed specifications click on the ‘Specs’ or ‘Options’ links – or press the ‘Build & Price’ button above and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Give us a call toll-free at (877) 548-3473 – or email us at sales@split-fire.com to connect with a sales representative.

The SPLIT-FIRE® brand is Equipment Rental Industry proven; our products are designed to meet their highest standards of performance, safety, durability, low maintenance, and return on investment (ROI). Split-Fire is a proud member of the American Rental Association and the Canadian Rental Associationour products are tried-and-true, but don’t just take our word for it check out what our valued customers have to say on our Reviews Webpage.

  • Steel Construction
    10 Gauge | 5/16"
  • Bucket Weight
    320 lbs
  • Volume
    16 cu ft
  • Maximum Weight Capacity
    600 lbs
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • 3-Point Hitch Hook Up
    CAT 1 | Quick Hitch Ready
  • Dump
    Center Pivot
  • Finish
    Powder Coated (Split-Fire Red | Graphite Grey)
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