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See the SPLIT-FIRE® 3255 2-Way Log Splitter in Action at GP Outdoors YouTube Channel – Click Below to Watch the Most Recent Episodes! Watch as GP Outdoors tests out the SPLIT-FIRE® 3255 model 2-Way Log Splitter for the first time. SPLIT-FIRE® Invented the 2-Way Log Splitter over 35 years ago – a tried-and-true log splitter technology that’s been proven in the Equipment Rental Industry for decades!   EPISODE: #225 The Split-Fire 3255 Log Splitter. One Serious Wood Splitter! outdoor channel. Published December 2nd, 2019   EPISODE: #227 Split-Fire 3255 Log Splitter. Splitting stringy Elm wood for firewood. outdoor channel. Published December 8th, 2019   EPISODE: #232 Split-Fire 3255 Log Splitter. Big Maple Rounds for Christmas. Firewood. outdoor channel. Published December 23rd, 2019   EPISODE: #238 Split-Fire 3255 Wood Splitter. Splitting logs for firewood. Enjoying the Outdoors! Published January 10th, 2020   EPISODE: #243 Kubota B2601 Compact Tractor. SPLIT-FIRE® Wood Splitter. Blow Down. Firewood. Outdoors. Published January 25th, 2020   Subscribe to GP Outdoors on YouTube: GP Outdoors   Subscribe to Split-Fire on YouTube: SPLIT-FIRE®   SPLIT-FIRE® 2-Way Log Splitters are available for rent across North America – or can be purchased direct from the factory (Made in Canada).   For more information please don’t hesitate to call us at: 1-8SPLIT-FIRE / 1-877-548-3473 or email:   RELATED LINKS ‘Build & Price’ SPLIT-FIRE® 3255 2-Way Log Splitter: SPLIT-FIRE® Product Reviews: GP Outdoors Facebook / @GPOUTDOORS American Rental Association (ARA)   gpoutdoors #logsplitter #equipmentrental #gaslogsplitter #firewood #woodsplitter #gaspoweredlogsplitter #madeincanada #cottagelifestyle #homesteadinglife #homestead #cottagelife #productivityhack #gaslogsplitter #logsplitter #woodsplitter #firewood #firewoodprocessor #gaspoweredlogsplitter gpoutdoors


Click to See the 3-POINT HITCH BUCKET / 3 POINT CARRY ALL in Action on YouTube:   Introducing the SPLIT-FIRE® 3-POINT HITCH BUCKET / 3 POINT CARRY ALL – Brought to you by the inventors of the 2-WAY Log Splitter! The 3 POINT CARRY ALL is designed for rural property owners, hobby farmers, landscapers, greenskeepers, and contractors alike; and for a great variety of purposes. It’s designed to complement and expand the capacity and capabilities of compact and sub-compact tractors. 48″ 3-POINT HITCH BUCKET / CARRY ALL The bucket’s versatility and features allow it to be used not only for carrying and dumping materials, it can also scrape and flatten out gravel or dirt for example since it can be lowered right level with the ground (making it easy to sweep or rake into as well). Click ‘Build & Price’ for more details on the 48″ 3-POINT HITCH BUCKET   60″ 3-POINT HITCH BUCKET / CARRY ALL Bring your equipment with you in one trip – saving you time and effort. The optional auxiliary hitch is removable so you can quickly configure your bucket for the job at hand. Bring your tools too – the optional bolt-on upright tool holder is the perfect spot for you to carry your rake, shovel, poles or rods and other tools too, instead of just throwing them loosely into the bucket where they can fall out. Click ‘Build & Price’ for more details on the 60″ 3-POINT HITCH BUCKET The 3-POINT HITCH BUCKET / 3 POINT CARRY ALL is designed to be used alone or in conjunction with front end loaders to increase capacity by adding more volume, and when fitted with the various options available it becomes even more useful, especially when you pair it with other machinery, such as a log splitter or wood chipper that you can tow behind it. Simply split your firewood and throw and pile it right into the bucket; or chip your tree branches and blow the chips right into the bucket saving you time and effort! Please don’t hesitate to call us at (877) 548-3473 or email and we’d be happy to assist you!   #3pointcarryall #3pointhitchbucket #3pointhitchdumpbucket #3pointhitchattachments #3pointhitchcarryall #3pointhitchdumpbox #3pointhitchcarryall #3pointhitchcarryalldesigns #tractorcarryalldesign #kubotacarryall #kubotabx23sattachments #kubotabxattachments #kubotatractorattachments


“…the hard part is over. You’ve cut down the trees and split the resulting wood. Now it’s time to stack all those pieces in an orderly, efficient, attractive way so you’ll have easy access to the wood that’ll keep you warm all winter long.“ “…well-stacked wood is attractive, but its real virtue is that it will be dry by the time you need it. Seasoned wood burns efficiently, doesn’t require constant attention to stay lit, and creates less pollution in the form of smoke (unburned wood vapor). There are a number of stacking strategies that put the combustion odds in your favor …” the FULL ARTICLE: The Right Way to Stack Firewoodby Roy Berendsohn at Popular Mechanics Magazine . What’s the Most Efficient Way to Split Firewood? Before one can stack firewood, one has to split it – and there is no more efficient means of splitting firewood than with a 2-Way Log Splitterlike the Honda Engine powered models invented by Split-Fire. Pictured below is our customer Bob Somerville’s Split-Fire 3455HT 2-Way Log Splitter powered by Honda’s GX 200 Engine, and equipped with the optional Log Lifter; it makes the job of preparing his firewood simple, fast, and most importantly safe! Bob Summerville’s Split-Fire 3455HT 2-Way Log Splitter posing proudly in front of his impressive Holzhaus stack. . Split-Fire’s optional Bolt-on Hydraulic Log Lifter enables our customers to increase the speed and safety in their wood splitting operation; and with no fabrication required, the Hydraulic Log Lifter can be added at the time of purchase or later. The Log Lifter is truly a value-added option that increases ergonomics and reduces the opportunity for injury possible when lifting large or heavy logs by hand. Split-Fire’s Honda Engine Powered 2-Way Log Splitter with Bolt-on Hydraulic Log Lifter Option Shown Lifting a Very Large and Heavy Log with Ease! . Press Build & Price to build and price your machine today; or please don’t hesitate to call us at (877) 548-3473 or email At days end our 2-Way Log Splitters afford our customers the ability to split two times the number of logs in half the time, and with much less physical effort!


As with all of our products that are designed, and quality built for performance – our latest innovation, the Split-Fire 2265 is our fastest, and most value-added (cost-effective) 2-Way Log Splitter yet; and it’s just in time for the Fall season! The redesigned 2265 is a gas powered log splitter that is perfect for splitting firewood at the cottage, or for rural landowners. Due to its super-efficient and powerful 3” cylinder rated at 18 tons, the Split-Fire 2265 can split rounds up to 30” within a 6 to 8 second cycle time. Featured with Honda’s most reliable GX 200 Series engine, the Split-Fire 2265 can be counted on to provide long-term service, low maintenance, and a high re-sale value down the road. Speaking of the road, every 2265 comes standard with road tow tires, safety chains, and a 2” ball coupler; which allows your machine to be safely towed at up to 55 mph (90 km/h). Designed to be operated with comfort and efficiency in mind, the 24” stroke length remains standard; although we increased the bed height to 28”, and added wider 7” log shelves allowing for a more ergonomic work station. Build and Price your machine to the exact specification required for your job, with the various “bolt-on” options we offer including a hydraulic log lifter, log table, hitch extension, road tow light kit, fenders and rear utility hitch. The Split-Fire 2265 enables you to double productivity, while splitting wood safely, and with ease, enjoyment, and fun too! To match the quality and performance required for Split-Fire machines, our log splitters and wood chippers alike feature the latest Honda small engine technology to give you year-after-year of reliability and low-maintenance; all the while helping to sustain the high ‘re-sale’ value still existing after 10 years of use, or more.   Split-Fire Model Number 2265 Simply put, our made in Canada log splitters allow users to split twice the amount of wood, in half the amount of time, and with much less physical effort! Press Build & Price to build and price your machine today; or please don’t hesitate to call us at (877) 548-3473 or email [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]


We really value our customer’s feedback, and testimonials regarding their experience with our 2-Way Log Splitter, and We Thank Them for it. After-all, it’s for that very reason we invented and perfected the best log splitter on the market – the original log splitter to double-your-productivity with a 2-Way Splitting action, while keeping you safe! TESTIMONIALS “..with either the two-way knife or four way-wedge the 3455 easily cut through 15 cords of red & bur oak this season and some pieces were pretty gnarly. The unit is completely solid and stable under any load. The 3455 is everything as advertised, and I cannot overstate the value I found in the two-way cutting. I am very pleased with this unit and its performance and I believe you just can’t do better.” ~ Bob Summerville, West Nipissing, Ontario, Canada   “…I purchased a 3203 recently and had to call Split-Fire to tell them how impressed I was with the customer service I received! As you can expect we don’t split a lot of wood in south Alabama but I can assure you for those that do I’m doing it better with more production than the rest! I’ve purchased 100’s of pieces of assorted equipment in my career and seldom do we experience this degree of “truth in advertising”. It exceeded our expectations both in simplicity and performance! We got a little carried away and now hoping for an extended winter in south Alabama as I’ve got enough firewood for another couple of months.” ~ Gary Cox, Alabama, United States   “…quality, longevity and efficiency, were the highest priorities driving my decision. Most splitters were quickly eliminated from my consideration due to poor construction, and inferior components. There were a handful of brands that I considered to be of quality construction utilizing top-shelf components. Split-Fire won my business for the following reasons: purchasing a Split-Fire wood splitter is a substantial investment; however, when longevity, reliability, efficiency, fuel cost, maintenance, and operator comfort / fatigue are considered, Split-Fire brings value to your dollars.” ~ Jim Scott, Townsend, Montana, United States   “…we have purchased three 3255 log splitters. Being able to split on both strokes is a great selling feature because it’s easy to tell people that production is doubled. The Split-Fire is a great revenue builder for our [rental] business – people keep coming back for the red log splitters!” ~ Brian Grant, Grants Rentals, Bridgewater, MA   “…this is the best splitter I have ever seen or used. Delivery was faster than Amazon. Split-Fire 4490 Gas Powered Log Splitter with Custom Options.” ~ Richard Evans, Smithers, British Columbia, Canada   “…I’ve used the Split-Fire for a total of about 4 days now and have completed splitting about 5 full cords of wood. Total time spent was perhaps 12 hours. It’s an extremely well-built machine, and handled all my wood, even the gnarly stuff, with ease. It’s also extremely fast, and the hydraulic lift was great for handling those 2+ diameter pieces. Now if it would only pick up and stack the wood…” ~ Ken Ketcham, Michigan, Illinois, United States   Still not convinced Split-Fire manufactures the best log splitter on the market? Again, don’t take our word for it; read all of our customer’s feedback on our Testimonials webpage! Press the Build & Price button to build and price your machine today: Simply put, our Made in Canada log splitters allow users to split twice the amount of wood, in half the amount of time, and with much less physical effort! Please don’t hesitate to call us at (877) 548-3473 or email sales@split-fire.comfor more information. [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS]