Skid Steer 4407


Split-Fire’s 4407 Skid steer log splitter harnesses the power of a skid steer to produce 32 ton of splitting force, ideal for commercial splitting. The 4407 2-way Skid steer log splitter is capable of splitting 48” diameter logs. Fitted with a machined stud welded to the inner slider assembly the interchangeable 4-way wedge and 2-way knife can be swapped in seconds. With a Skidsteer mounted log splitter there’s no need to have a second operator in the cab as it can be operated independently, with the controls mounted on the wood splitter. Designed as a work horse log splitter you’d be hard pressed to find a piece of wood the 4407 couldn’t handle.

A Hydraulic, steel plate log lifter can be fitted to the 4407 to assist in managing larger blocks of wood. While in the up position the log lifter also doubles as a work table, preventing wood from falling to the ground once split.

Split-Fire Advantage

  • Frame
    7" x 7" steel tube
  • Tonnage
    32 tons @ 2900 psi
  • Cycle Speed
    Governed by skidsteer volume
  • Power Source
    Skid Steer Attach | Includes 5' of hose
  • Pump
    Skid Steer Pump Displacement
  • Reservoir
    Skid Steer
  • Stroke Length
  • Bed Width
  • Quick Connects
    Not included
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Length
  • Overall Height
  • Weight
    600 lbs
  • Bed Height
    Skid Steer Plates raise / lower
  • Knife Height
    12" / 2-way | 12" / 4-way
  • Cylinder Size
    4½” x 24"
  • Hydraulic Flow
    8 gpm - 20 gpm
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