Industrial Shredder Super-Shred 3


“…SUPER-SHRED 3 Industrial Waste Shredder was designed to be safe to operate with little training required, given the safety features built in to ensure the machine never runs when its lid is open. Not only is SUPER-SHRED 3 safe to operate, it’s designed to be adaptable for a wide array of applications in a variety of industries.”

With the safety of the operator in mind, and versatility, the SUPER-SHRED 3 industrial waste shredder is adaptable to a variety of environments simply by locating it where you need to shred materials, i.e. the machine is plug-and-play using its 25ft electrical cord; or it can be integrated in existing automated lines or conveyor systems to transport shredded or compacted materials on-the-fly. As a stand-alone industrial waste shredder, the disposal of the shredded, compacted waste, or recycled materials is also simplified given the integrated waste chute located inside the stand in the bottom of the machine, where plastic trash bins, larger capacity plastic bulk box trucks, or recycling plastic tilt trucks can be placed or wheeled through.

SUPER-SHRED 3 is a portable and versatile Industrial Waste Shredder developed to meet the waste compacting, destruction, and waste disposal law requirements for a variety of industries, and applications; including the waste disposal needs of Marijuana or Cannabis Grow Operations, Food Processing Plants, Hotels, Restaurants, Electronics Recycling Plants, Energy Plants, and more.

Industrial Waste Shredder Features and Benefits:

  • Very easy to use – no special training is required and integrated safety features make it foolproof.
  • Safe operation is enforced given the shredder will not operate unless the hopper lid is in the closed or locked position (safety switch protected).
  • Shredder start, stop, and reverse activation via button with overload protection. Emergency stop button located on the front of the machine. Electrical safety disconnect / lockout on back panel.
  • High-efficiency, high-torque, dual-shaft hardened steel shredding mechanism is perfect for compacting wet or dry materials; to reduce the size of waste, grind down solids, recycle, destroy expired or obsolete materials, and to improve plant processes [40 ft3/hr – 55ft3/hr throughput (theoretical)]*
  • Compact footprint and plug-and-play / turn-key ready. Set up as a stand-alone system (transportable) the shredder’s dimensions (36”L x 36”W x ~59”H w/ foot adjustment for floor levelling) make it small enough to fit through most commercial building door openings; or, the shredder can be integrated directly into existing line or conveyor transport systems.
  • Materials are easily loadable into the low 59” height hopper (no additional infrastructure needed); and with the door in the locked position the operator can use the included plunger to guide or push materials into the cutting chamber shredding teeth as needed through the integrated port-holes in the hopper lid.
  • Industrial waste shredder features powder coat finish for long-term durability and to withstand moist environments; including NEMA-4X FRP electrical enclosure, and agricultural grade energy efficient 3HP LEESON motor.*NOTE: actual throughput depends on the type of material to be shredded. Please consult Split-Fire for the final analysis of your application.


Industries and Typical Applications:
    • Marijuana, Cannabis Grow Operations, Hemp Production:

      For compliance to marijuana plant waste disposal laws and regulations, SUPER-SHRED 3 industrial waste shredder easily and safely grinds wet or dry materials; including whole plants, large root balls, soil, plastic pots, and other waste.

    • Food Processing Plants, Organic Waste Processing Facilities:

      Food waste reduction for disposal, including produce, animal (tissue and bone), fish, and other biological or organic materials processing. SUPER-SHRED 3 grinds solid waste or reduces materials into small particles for easier transport or for process improvement applications.

    • Electronics Recycling, E-Waste, Secure Destruction:

      Recycling or destruction of electronic waste, including the recycling and compacting of PCBs, electronic components, flash drives, and other electronic’s plastics and metals.

    • Specialty Shredding, Secure Destruction:

      Secure destruction and disposal of proprietary information, or branded materials that could put your company at risk if obtained by competitors, the public, or criminals; including corporate promotional items and incentives, old sales brochures and price books, training binders, building access cards, employee ID badges, X-rays, MRIs (any medical recordings), expired credit cards and driver’s licenses, prescription pill bottles (or other expired medication containers), old uniforms, identity cards, badges, and casino chips or playing cards.

      SUPER-SHRED 3 industrial waste shredder can be used to destroy any defective, off-spec, returned, or out-dated products and merchandise that must be securely destroyed; as produced by health care suppliers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and consumer goods manufacturers for the product destruction of non-conforming consumer products.

    • Maritime Transport:

      To meet regulations as set out by the International Maritime Organization, and The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL 73/78); for the prevention of pollution due to garbage from ships – industrial waste shredder used to compact or reduce garbage, including all kinds of food, domestic and operational waste, all plastics, cargo residues, incinerator ashes, cooking oil, fishing gear, and animal carcasses generated during the normal operation of the ship (and liable to be disposed of continuously or periodically).

    • Hospitality and Food Service:

      Including facilities such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants to reduce the size of consumer food waste.

    • Energy Plants, Biogas Plants:

      Preparation of feedstock for waste to be used by energy plants or biogas anaerobic digesters.



Developed to meet the safety, space, energy-efficiency, and cost requirements for a variety of industries and applications, SUPER-SHRED 3 stands apart from the competition as a powerful multi-use solution to grind down many materials. Two (2) precision laser cut shafts made of hardened steel cutters rotate slowly with very high-torque; but only when all safety lockouts are engaged. This allows any operator (with minimal training) to easily grind solid waste into small particles.

The small particle size also makes SUPER-SHRED 3 an ideal choice to be integrated into OEM equipment, such as food waste digesters and pulpers; or for preparing feedstock for waste as used by energy or biogas plants (create a closed loop system, reuse process waste to decrease costs). The industrial waste shredder improves digester or composter system efficiency by increasing the surface area of the material to be incinerated. Lastly, the minimization of waste also aids to decrease transportation costs by reducing the volume of the waste to transport.

Our products are World industry tried-and-true, and don’t just take our word for it – check out what our valued customers have to say about our products and customer service on our Reviews Webpage! Split-Fire products are an Equipment Rental Industry-standard, our products are designed to meet the highest quality standards, for long-term performance, and safety. Split-Fire is a proud member of the American Rental Association and the Canadian Rental Association.


Plug-and-Play, Ready-to-Run – SUPER-SHRED 3’s safe, compact and efficient design makes it a small but mighty industrial waste shredder that can easily be integrated into any facility or process line. For pricing, and to learn more about our Financing Options hit the “Build & Price” button, or feel free to give us a call at (877) 548-3473 – or email to connect directly with a sales representative.


  • Hopper Size
    36" x 36" x 16"
  • Shredder Opening
    11" x 12"
  • Motor
    Leeson 3 HP (240V)
  • Voltage
    240V Single Phase (Other Options Available on Request)
  • Shredded Material Size
    1/4" Sized Material
  • Cord Length
    25 Feet
  • Rotor Diameter
  • Rotor Width
  • Rotor RPM
    20 RPM
  • Rotor Teeth
  • Rotor Material
    4140 HT
  • Gearbox Type
    Shaft Mount Reducer
  • Safety
    Disconnect / Lockout on Back Panel + Start / Stop / Estop on Front Panel + Lid Switch (Must be Closed to Operate)
  • Length
    36" (40" Including Start / Stop Box)
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
    1100 lbs
  • Discharge
    Fills 32 Gallon Bucket
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