Gas Powered Log Splitters 3455/3465

Hydraulic Log Splitter 3455/3465

The 3455 and 3465 hydraulic log splitter products feature an interchangeable 4-Way wedge or knife that gained popularity in the Equipment Rental Industry for their low-maintenance, high-performance and long-term reliability. Designed for heavier duty use, Split-Fire’s industrial rated 20 ton hydraulic log splitter is designed for consumer or commercial use.

Model 3455 is powered by the Honda GX160 Engine that is capable of splitting 36” diameter rounds within a 9 – 11 second cycle time when operated with the 2-Way wedge installed. Fitted with a machined stud to the inner slide tube, the 4-Way and 2-Way wedge or knife can be swapped in seconds. For added power and speed, the Honda GX160 engine can be upgraded to the Honda GX200 Engine which increases the splitting force to 22 tons.

In addition to the 4-Way Wedge option included, Split-Fire offers numerous other add-ons to ensure your unique log splitter requirements are met; options that add safety, ergonomics, versatility, and increased speed of operation. Specify the Hydraulic Log Lifter option and let the log splitter do the heavy lifting for you! A recommended item that can be fitted to the 3455 or 3465 machines to assist in the loading of larger logs; and that helps to reduce the strain or injury possible when working with heavy rounds. The Hydraulic Log Lifter can also be fixed upright or horizontally to double as a sturdy worktable, that also prevents firewood from falling to the ground after being split.

“…Proven Decade-over-decade in the Equipment Rental Industry Across North America, Split-Fire’s 3455 and 3465 Hydraulic Log Splitter Products are Designed to Not Only Last a Long Time, But to Out-perform While Keeping Maintenance Costs Low.”

For customers requiring the added speed and capacity that a 4-Way wedge or knife optioned machine offers, the 3455 and 3465 exceeds expectations; since not only can you split a log into four (4) pieces in one stroke, like all of Split-Fire’s log splitter products, you can split another log into 4 pieces on the reverse stroke – doubling your productivity again!

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A Split-Fire made 2-Way hydraulic log splitter is bound to be the last you will ever purchase. With a sustained high-resale value even after 20 – 30 years of use, Split-Fire’s products are a sound investment for the consumer / professional, commercial operator, or equipment rental shop alike. Now don’t just take our word for it, check out what our valued customers have to say about their Split-Fire experience on our Testimonials Webpage.

Put simply, our innovative 2-Way log splitter allow its’ operators to split twice the amount of firewood in half the time – and safely with much less physical effort! Our products are Equipment Rental Industry proven across North America, and Split-Fire is a proud as a member of the Canadian Rental Association and American Rental Association.

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  • Frame
    6" x 6" steel tube
  • Tonnage
    20 tons splitting force
  • Cycle Speed
    9 - 11 seconds
  • Power Source
    Honda GX 160 - 3455 | Honda GX 200 - 3465
  • Pump
    11 GPM low pressure | 2.7 GPM high pressure
  • Reservoir
    12.5 L
  • Stroke Length
  • Bed Width
  • Standard Hitch Size
    2" ball coupler
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Length
  • Overall Height
  • Weight
    500 lbs
  • Bed Height
  • Knife Height
    9” / 2-way | 9½” / 4-way
  • Cylinder Size
    3½” x 24"
  • Tire Size
    4.80" x 8"
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