Gas Powered Log Splitters 2265

Log Splitters 2265

All of Split-Fire’s wood splitter products split logs on both the forward-and-reverse stroke – and therefore double your productivity since you can split twice the amount of firewood in half the amount of time.

“…We Specifically Designed the 2265 to Meet the Needs of Residential Property, Cottage, Rural Land, and Hobby Farm Owners Alike – Essentially it’s the Last Log Splitter You’ll Ever Have to Buy!”

With over 35 years of innovation built into our 2-Way wood splitter products, our technology has been proven decade after decade to meet the usage demands, and minimal maintenance requirements of the Equipment Rental industry; as well as exceeding the demands required for Commercial use, and for Industrial use such as in the Forestry or Logging Industry. The new Split-Fire 2265 wood splitter carries on our strong tradition of quality manufacturing, low maintenance, and long-term reliability in a machine specifically designed for Residential, Cottage or Small Farm use.

The Split-Fire 2265 is the most compact machine in our log splitter product line-up, and one of the fastest operating gas powered log splitters on the market that’s perfect for a variety of uses including preparing firewood for heating your home, a garage, or barn. Featuring our internally mounted 3″ hydraulic cylinder for equipment rigidity (and cylinder protection), the 2265’s knife is pushed in both directions with an industrial rated 18 tonnes of splitting force.


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In fact, it’s our friction reduction engineering attributes that make the over-all splitting force of Split-Fire’s machines (versus competitor products) measurably greater; even versus machines that claim a higher tonnage rating. This log splitting efficiency is also due to our innovative ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW) sliders that glide the knife effortlessly; and “V” Shaped Log Stops that ensure logs split more naturally with less pent up force (and also protecting against dangerous log flyouts or from wood catapulting out sideways).

The powerful 2265 log splitter manages rounds of 30” diameter or more within a rapid 5 – 8 second cycle time [including forward-and-reverse knife stroke, i.e. a single (1) knife stroke cycles in 3-4 seconds]. For added power and reliability, the standard Kohler SH265 Engine can be upgraded to a Honda GX 200 Engine; and every 2265 wood splitter comes standard with road tow tires, safety chains, and a 2” ball coupler that allows the machine to be towed at up to 55 mph (90 km/h).

We designed the Split-Fire 2265 wood splitter to not only be cost-effective, safe, and easy to use; but also for ergonomics, or your comfort and operating efficiency in mind. The optional Hydraulic Log Lifter, for example, aids to reduce the strain and back injuries possible when attempting to lift large or heavy rounds – a value-added feature that also doubles as a handy work table! Carried over from our commercial and industrial log splitter product range is the standard 24” stroke length; although we have increased the bed height to 28” and now include 7” wide log shelves – again allowing for a more ergonomic work station.

Our list of available “Bolt-on” options for the 2265 wood splitter affords you the ability to order the machine you need for the job at hand; including a larger 24” x 15” Log Table, 16″ Hitch Extension, Road Tow Light Kit, Wheel Fenders, and a Rear Utility Hitch.


Available 2265 Wood Splitter Options:


The 2265 wood splitter is a solution born out of the decades of use our products have endured in the Commercial, Industrial and Equipment Rental industriesafter all, we were the ones who invented the original 2-Way wood splitter nearly 40 years ago to ensure the operators of our machines are twice as productive while remaining safe! Due to this technological innovation Split-Fire products have become an Equipment Rental Industry-standard, and proudly we are long-standing members of the American Rental Association and the Canadian Rental Association.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out what our valued customers’ have to say about their Split-Fire experience on our Reviews Webpage.


Financing Options are Available! Have questions? Give us a call toll-free at (877) 548-3473 – or email us at to connect with a sales representative.

  • Frame
    5" x 5" steel tube
  • Tonnage
    18 tons splitting force
  • Cycle Speed
    6-8 seconds
  • Power Source
    Kohler SH265 | Honda GX 200
  • Pump
    11 GPM low pressure | 2.7 GPM high pressure
  • Reservoir
    12 L
  • Stroke Length
  • Bed Width
  • Standard Hitch Size
    2" ball coupler
  • Overall Width
  • Overall Length
  • Overall Height
  • Weight
  • Bed Height
  • Knife Height
  • Cylinder Size
    3" x 24"
  • Tire Size
    4.80" x 8"
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