By Anthony Borges / May 17, 2019


Introducing FAST FREDDY! The latest invention by Split-Fire Sales that enables its users to wind-up and coil lay flat hose, cord, cable or wire; speedily, efficiently, and safely.

FAST FREDDY YouTube Video: “How to Wind Up Lay Flat Hose, Cord and Cable w/ FAST FREDDY 2”

Now available in three (3) sizes to accommodate lay flat hose up-to 6” in diameter – simply adjust the Guide Rollers to your required hose, cord, cable or wire diameter, feed the material through and into the Groove in the Stem Pin, unlock the Reel Plate, and start cranking! FAST FREDDY is the most versatile lay flat hose, cord, and cable winder in the World!

Lay Flat Hose Winder Fast Freddy

FAST FREDDY is an innovative all-in-one tool that allows you to quickly and safely coil up and organize a variety of hose, cord, cable or wire types. It is ideal for service shops, contractors, cabling companies and fire departments alike.

Our ergonomically designed winder permits the operator to maintain an upright posture while winding and stacking material; drastically reducing the risk of repetitive strain and injury. FAST FREDDY reduces labour costs with the guarantee of rapid, uniform coils, regardless of the operator.








As with Split-Fire’s Equipment Rental Industry proven 2-Way Log Splitter products, FAST FREDDY provides yet another go-to product to help our partners and valued customers to be more efficient while staying safe. Split-Fire is a long-standing member of the American Rental Association and the Canadian Rental Association and a proud supplier to its member equipment rental partners.

FAST FREDDY is manufactured in Canada using the highest quality materials to ensure long-term satisfaction coil-after-coil. Save time and money and let FAST FREDDY be your all-in-one solution for winding lay flat hose, cord, rope, cable or wire! For more product details, and pricing please visit: or please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (877) 548-3473, or email

By Anthony Borges / March 22, 2019


We really value our customer’s feedback, and testimonials regarding their experience with our 2-Way Log Splitter, and We Thank Them for it.

After-all, it’s for that very reason we invented and perfected the best log splitter on the market – the original log splitter to double-your-productivity with a 2-Way Splitting action, while keeping you safe!

“..with either the two-way knife or four way-wedge the 3455 easily cut through 15 cords of red & bur oak this season and some pieces were pretty gnarly. The unit is completely solid and stable under any load. The 3455 is everything as advertised, and I cannot overstate the value I found in the two-way cutting. I am very pleased with this unit and its performance and I believe you just can’t do better.”
~ Bob Summerville, West Nipissing, Ontario, Canada


“…I purchased a 3203 recently and had to call Split-Fire to tell them how impressed I was with the customer service I received! As you can expect we don’t split a lot of wood in south Alabama but I can assure you for those that do I’m doing it better with more production than the rest! I’ve purchased 100’s of pieces of assorted equipment in my career and seldom do we experience this degree of “truth in advertising”. It exceeded our expectations both in simplicity and performance! We got a little carried away and now hoping for an extended winter in south Alabama as I’ve got enough firewood for another couple of months.”
~ Gary Cox, Alabama, United States


“…quality, longevity and efficiency, were the highest priorities driving my decision. Most splitters were quickly eliminated from my consideration due to poor construction, and inferior components. There were a handful of brands that I considered to be of quality construction utilizing top-shelf components. Split-Fire won my business for the following reasons: purchasing a Split-Fire wood splitter is a substantial investment; however, when longevity, reliability, efficiency, fuel cost, maintenance, and operator comfort / fatigue are considered, Split-Fire brings value to your dollars.”
~ Jim Scott, Townsend, Montana, United States

Jim Scott Split-Fire 2-Way Log Splitter Testimonial
Jim Scott and his Split-Fire 2-Way Log Splitter with Optional Log Lifter.


“…we have purchased three 3255 log splitters. Being able to split on both strokes is a great selling feature because it’s easy to tell people that production is doubled. The Split-Fire is a great revenue builder for our [rental] business – people keep coming back for the red log splitters!”
~ Brian Grant, Grants Rentals, Bridgewater, MA


“…this is the best splitter I have ever seen or used. Delivery was faster than Amazon. Split-Fire 4490 Gas Powered Log Splitter with Custom Options.”
~ Richard Evans, Smithers, British Columbia, Canada


“…I’ve used the Split-Fire for a total of about 4 days now and have completed splitting about 5 full cords of wood. Total time spent was perhaps 12 hours. It’s an extremely well-built machine, and handled all my wood, even the gnarly stuff, with ease. It’s also extremely fast, and the hydraulic lift was great for handling those 2+ diameter pieces. Now if it would only pick up and stack the wood…”
~ Ken Ketcham, Michigan, Illinois, United States


Still not convinced Split-Fire manufactures the best log splitter on the market? Again, don’t take our word for it; read all of our customer’s feedback on our Testimonials webpage! Press the Build & Price button to build and price your machine today:

Simply put, our Made in Canada log splitters allow users to split twice the amount of wood, in half the amount of time, and with much less physical effort! Please don’t hesitate to call us at (877) 548-3473 or email sales@split-fire.comfor more information.

By Anthony Borges / January 11, 2019


Welcome to the Fireside Blog, where Split-Fire shares the latest news, product innovations, and just plain old insight into our industry to help you become more safe and productive.

Our story began over 35 years ago in 1984 when Lubbert Vanderweerd (Bert) founded Split-Fire Sales Inc., with the invention of the 2-Way Log Splitter – a tried-and-tested product that’s improved the speed, efficiency, and safety of splitting wood for our valued customers around the World.

Lubbert Vanderweerd (Bert) demonstrating the 2-Way Log Splitter
Lubbert Vanderweerd (Bert) demonstrating the 2-Way Log Splitter


To read the whole story behind Split-Fire’s ingenuity please visit our About Us webpage.

Following in the tradition of invention and innovation, today Split-Fire continues to evolve its 2-Way Log Splitter and Wood Chipper technology; while planning to bring to market another cutting-edge product used for the safe and speedy winding of lay flat hose, cord, cable or wire. The ‘FAST FREDDY’ is to make coiling and organizing a variety of hose and cable materials much easier. As always, the same standard of quality engineering that maximizes performance and safety is carried throughout the entire Split-Fire product line-up.

Split-Fire is dedicated to offering high quality at a fair price. All of our machines are built and sourced with North American made parts and backed-up by a comprehensive warranty. Split-Fire is a proud member of the American Rental Association( and the Canadian Rental Association ( For more information don’t hesitate to contact us at (877) 548-3473 or email

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