Celebrating 30 Years

Split-Fire Sales Inc is proud to announce its 30th anniversary as an Original Equipment Manufacturer of hydraulic log splitters and heavy duty wood chippers.

The company was founded 30 years ago by Bert Vanderweerd who invented the first 2-way hydraulic log splitter that splits wood in the forward and reverse stroke.

Using nothing but the highest quality steel and components Mr. Vanderweerd engineered a log splitter that features unique design elements such a frictionless slide system and a log stop that prevents wood kick-outs.

Its design has stood the test of time and remains the safest and most productive wood splitter on the market today!

Since its inception, several models were introduced with the 2-way splitting action that has become the hallmark of the product. This includes self-contained wood splitters powered by Honda engines, 3pt hitch tractor mount log splitters as well as skid steer mount log splitters.

In 1995 the company introduced a new product line, a 5” heavy duty wood chipper designed and built with the same ingenuity and durability that made the log splitters so successful.

From a one-man operation, Split-Fire Sales has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic log splitters and wood chippers serving global markets. Today, we offer more than 30 different products which are sold through a network of distributors and equipment dealers across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Split-Fire Sales is a family owned company manufacturing all of its products in Norwich, Ontario, Canada.

While we continue to grow and expand our manufacturing facilities we have never lost sight of what has brought us here: our commitment to manufacturing a product that is "quality built for high production!" We look forward to another 30 years!

New Electric Powered Log Splitter

Split-Fire Sales Inc, is proud to introduce two new electric powered log splitters to its product line.
The models 2215 and 3215 are electric powered 2-way log splitters powered by a 120 Volt / 15 Amp high torque electric motor.

Both splitters feature a quick cycle time and Split-Fire’s hallmark 2-way splitting action from the knife. A robust square tube frame, frictionless inner slide assembly, steel hydraulic lines and two stage pumps highlight the quality of their design and engineering.

Compact and available with a highway towing package, the 2215 and the 3215 electric powered wood splitters plug into a regular household 120 volt wall outlet without the need for high amperage circuit breakers. No more oil changes, no more gas spills, no more loud noise, no more emissions, no more pull starts. It is a “green alternative” for operators who can now split wood indoors without the noise and emissions from a gas powered engine.

Just plug this electric log splitter into your existing wall outlet and begin splitting!

Les fendeuses de bois Split-Fire à 2 courses de travail sont maintenant disponibles au Québec

Split-Fire, fabricant de fendeuses de bois unique à 2 courses de travail et de déchiqueteuses de qualité est fier de vous présenter notre représentant manufacturier pour le Québec et l'est de l'Ontario.

M. Nicodemo, responsable de la vente aux revendeurs d'équipements agricoles et forestiers ainsi qu’aux consommateurs pour le Québec et l'est de l'Ontario, est maintenant le représentant des lignes complètes des produits Split-Fire.

Situé à Val-Morin au Québec, M. Nicodemo vend la gamme complète de fendeuses hydrauliques à 3 points, pour skid steer et fendeuse de bois autonome à 2 courses de travail ainsi que les déchiqueteuses.

M. Nicodemo s'est joint à Split-Fire suite à l'achat d'une fendeuse de bois à 3 points pour son usage personnel.

"Les fendeuses de bois Split-Fire sont dotées d'un système unique de travail bidirectionnel qui permet de fendre les bûches lors de la course avance du cycle du vérin ainsi que dans la course retour du cycle, doublant la productivité à moindre effort pour l'utilisateur." : témoigne M. Nicodemo. "Les fendeuses Split-Fire sont robustes, d'une grande qualité de conception et de fabrication et elles sont sécuritaires pour l'utilisateur." : Soutient-il.

"Depuis 29 ans, Split-Fire fabrique des fendeuses de bois et des déchiqueteuses qui répondent aux exigences des fermiers, des travailleurs en foresterie et des propriétaires de terrains forestiers augmentant ainsi la réputation concernant leur durabilité et leur fiabilité." mentionne Chris Skalkos, directeur en marketing de Split-Fire. "Nous sommes dévoués à fabriquer des produits de qualité supérieure sur le marché." : Ajoute-t-il.

Splitting Giant Maple

Split-Fire thanks Mr. Peter Hafemann from Wellesley, Ontario, for submitting this photo of his model 3255HT log splitter with an attached hydraulic log lifter. Peter arrived at Split-Fire with a few large and knotted logs he personally selected from his wood pile to test the splitter before purchasing. He said he was splitting a "giant maple" on his parent's property and sent this photo along to show that he wasn't exaggerating. Peter on the left, is pictured with his parents Adolph and Emily Hafemann.

Photo courtesy of Peter Hafemann, email: bluewater@kw.igs.net

Split-Fire log splitters on You Tube

It's not hard to find a customer uploaded video of a Split-Fire log splitter on You Tube. Some of the log splitting videos are particularly well done and Split-Fire would like to thank our customers who have taken the time to share their opinions about their log splitters online.

Here are just a few:

Model 3403 Split-Fire, tractor mount 2-way log splitter with 4-way wedge and hydraulic log lifter attachment.

Model 4490HT Split-Fire, 2-way log splitter with hydraulic log lifter.

Model 3203 Split-Fire, 3-point hitch mount, 2-way log splitter operating on Massey Ferguson 1648 compact utility tractor.

Putting a Split-Fire through its paces

We thank customer Brian Paradoski, from Bobcaygeon, Ontario, for sending us feedback on how his new Split-Fire 3255HT with a hydraulic log lifter is performing. Brian said he was putting the splitter through its paces by splitting some very large blocks. Judging by the photos he sent he wasn't exaggerating.

Brian writes:
"I was pleased to get the log lifter installed as I just removed two large Red Maple trees. The stems were too large for my customer, so I brought them home in my hydraulic dump trailer. The blocks were 3 feet to 4 feet across, weighing 500-600 lbs. I have a hydraulic clam on the front of my Kubota MX5100. With care, I place a block of wood on the Split-Fire and keep the clam near the top of the piece, holding it with a little pressure. I then spilt the block. If it doesn't completely separate, I pick it up and drop it from a height to finish the task. Split-Fire builds a 2-way wood splitter that is far superior to anything else on the market!" - Brian Paradoski, Bobcaygeon, Ontario.