Splitting and chipping for Farm Show visitors

Split-Fire's wood chippers and 2-way log splitters were put on display for visitors at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show held in Woodstock, Ontario, in September.

The outdoor show, held on an 85 acre site in southwestern Ontario, is home to Canada's largest agricultural event attracting thousands of people. Show visitors watched a working demonstration of a model 3-point-hitch wood chipper capable of chipping 5 inch branches and a 2-way wood splitter that splits logs on both the forward and reverse stroke.

Split-Fire Sales thanks the customers who purchased a log splitter at the show and visitors for stopping by to watch the demos.

New PTO Log Splitter

Split-Fire has introduced a new Power Take Off (PTO) 2-way log splitter.

Manufactured with a built in reservoir and an 11.4 GPM pump @ 540 RPM, Split-Fire 3-point-hitch PTO wood splitters are ideal for tractors with a minimum of 12 h.p., not equipped with an auxiliary hydraulic system or with low hydraulic flow rates.

The model 3203-PTO is a 20 ton wood splitter featuring Split-Fire's 2-way splitting action that splits wood in both directions. Its unique log stop design prevents kick-outs and fly-outs when splitting angle cut logs.

Rated for logs between 30" - 36" in diameter, the model 3203-PTO is available in stroke lengths of 24, 30, 36 and 48 inches. It can also be equipped with a hydraulic log lifter.

A factory installed PTO kit is also available for the model 3403 which comes with an interchangeable 2-way knife and 4-way wedge.

New Electric Powered Log Splitter

Split-Fire Sales Inc, is proud to introduce two new electric powered log splitters to its product line.
The models 2215 and 3215 are electric powered 2-way log splitters powered by a 120 Volt / 15 Amp high torque electric motor.

Both splitters feature a quick cycle time and Split-Fire’s hallmark 2-way splitting action from the knife. A robust square tube frame, frictionless inner slide assembly, steel hydraulic lines and two stage pumps highlight the quality of their design and engineering.

Compact and available with a highway towing package, the 2215 and the 3215 electric powered wood splitters plug into a regular household 120 volt wall outlet without the need for high amperage circuit breakers. No more oil changes, no more gas spills, no more loud noise, no more emissions, no more pull starts. It is a “green alternative” for operators who can now split wood indoors without the noise and emissions from a gas powered engine.

Just plug this electric log splitter into your existing wall outlet and begin splitting!

Splitting Giant Maple

Split-Fire thanks Mr. Peter Hafemann from Wellesley, Ontario, for submitting this photo of his model 3255HT log splitter with an attached hydraulic log lifter. Peter arrived at Split-Fire with a few large and knotted logs he personally selected from his wood pile to test the splitter before purchasing. He said he was splitting a "giant maple" on his parent's property and sent this photo along to show that he wasn't exaggerating. Peter on the left, is pictured with his parents Adolph and Emily Hafemann.

Photo courtesy of Peter Hafemann, email: bluewater@kw.igs.net

Split-Fire log splitters on You Tube

It's not hard to find a customer uploaded video of a Split-Fire log splitter on You Tube. Some of the log splitting videos are particularly well done and Split-Fire would like to thank our customers who have taken the time to share their opinions about their log splitters online.

Here are just a few:

Model 3403 Split-Fire, tractor mount 2-way log splitter with 4-way wedge and hydraulic log lifter attachment.

Model 4490HT Split-Fire, 2-way log splitter with hydraulic log lifter.

Model 3203 Split-Fire, 3-point hitch mount, 2-way log splitter operating on Massey Ferguson 1648 compact utility tractor.